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Our Staff

There is a teaching staff of 21.
This consists of Head Teacher, 2 Depute Head Teachers, 1 Principal teacher of Support for Learning, 13 full time equivalent Class Teachers, 1 part-time Class teacher, 2 full time teachers of Support for Learning and 1 part time teacher of Support for Learning.
We also have visiting teachers of Music, Art and P.E.

Head Teacher

Ms Snodgrass

Depute Head Teacher

Mr Collins

Depute Head Teacher

Ms Stuart


Mrs MacDonald

P7 Teacher/PT primary

Mrs Simpson

P6/7 Teacher


P6 Teacher

Miss Cameron

P5/6 Teacher

Mrs Mitchell

P5 Teacher

Mr Collins

P4/5 Teacher

Mrs Mitchell

P4 Teacher

Mrs McClure

P3/4 Teacher

Mrs Donegan

P3 Teacher

Miss Lang/Mrs Marshall

P3 Teacher

Mrs Oag

P2 Teacher

Miss Stirling

P2 Teacher

Ms Stuart

P1/2 Teacher

Mrs McCann

P1/2 Teacher

Mrs Stewart

P1 Teacher

Mrs Mustard

P1 Teacher

Mrs Thornton

Nursery Teacher(s)

Mrs Marshall

Senior Nursery Nurse

Miss Main

Additional Support Needs Teachers:

Mrs Vaughan/Mrs Reid/Mrs Harrison

Teacher of Art

Miss Lang

Teacher of PE

Mr Wormald 

Teacher of Music

Mrs Gray/Miss Lang

There is 2 full-time equivalent Nursery Nurses, 6 Auxiliaries and 1 Classroom Assistant to support children's learning and 1 Children's Supervisor.

There is a full-time and part-time Administrator and a Janitor.

Meals are cooked in the school and the children are supervised by 5 lunchtime supervisors during the lunch hour. One children's supervisor and 5 supervisors are available at the morning interval.

Children who are in P1, P2 and P3 receive school meals for free and are given a choice of three options on a daily basis.