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Emergency Closure

Head Teachers have total discretion as to the closure of schools when they anticipate storm conditions or in other circumstances which would put children at risk.

Children would be kept in school until parents are contacted. There is a School Information Line which is available to provide information in such circumstances. Details below.

Information to Parents/Guardians - School Telephone Information Line

Schools now have a dial-in service if there is a risk of closure due to adverse weather. This allows parents to listen to a recorded message from the school.

When severe weather warnings are received your school will endeavour to keep the system updated. It is an enhancement to the present service and does not replace existing methods of giving out information, such as radio broadcasts.

There are other features of this service which may be available for your school. These are described below. (Note that this is an 0870 service and charges are slightly higher than normal. Currently (Dec 2001) BT rates are approximately 8p per minute peak and 5p per minute cheap rate. However, there is no queuing and an adverse weather call should last less than 1 minute.)

The service also offers the following facilities:

  • Up to 10 general (non-urgent) announcements (option 3 below)
  • Parents can leave non-urgent messages, which are forwarded to the school email address in due course (option 2 below)
  • If you have pupils at two schools option 4 below allows you to enter the PIN for the next school without re-dialling

Instructions for Use

Dial 0870 054 9999

Enter your school's PIN number: 031470

You will get a confirmation message: "Selected Seafield School"

You will then enter a menu system:

Press 1 to hear severe weather information
Press 2
to leave a non-urgent message
Press 3
to hear general school information
Press 4
to enter a new school PIN number
Press # - to end call  

Please note
Should parents wish to leave an urgent message please speak to someone at the school directly.