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Welcome to P5/6S

During the Winter Term P5/6 are learning:-

Numeracy - pre-algebra, fractions, money and patterns;

Literacy - newspaper reports, persuasive letters and diaries

Topic - Enteprise

French - about Me and Introductions

Outdoor learning - exploring campus and planting trees

Religious and Moral Education - 6 main religions, Diwali and Christmas

HWB/Circle Time - being kind to others, good deeds for the day and random acts of Kindness


During the Spring Term P5/6 will be learning about:-

Numeracy - time, measurement, data handling, shapes and angles

Literacy - reviews, explanations and stories

Topic - Comparing Scotland with Malawi

French - Basic conversations

Outdoor learning - exploring the local woods and parks

Religious and Moral Education - 6 main world religions and the story of Easter

HWB/Circle Time - learning about Healthy diets and exercise and why they are important for us to do.