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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

This is an increasingly important part of the curriculum and, indeed, is used as a tool in most other subjects.
In common with all Moray schools we have a networked system managed by the council's I.C.T. department.
Our computer suite has 21 computers and 10 laptops and each class has its own machine.  The school also has netbooks available that can be used in each classroom. 

All children have their own password and e-mail address. They will be taught to use e-mail, the internet, word processing, spreadsheet and information handling, as well as many other I.C.T. skills. Children throughout the school are taught about internet safety and how to keep themselves and others safe on the internet.  There will be more use of the National learning interface GLOW, and all pupils and Parents/carers will have access to this leading innovation in education.