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Parental Involvement

It has been proven by research and is widely accepted that parental support is a vital element in a child's educational success. We value this support and encourage it in many ways;

  • through The Parent Forum and Parent Partnership,  
  • Parents Interviews which are held in October/November or as requested,
  • Written reports which are issued in June,
  • Invitations to concerts and assemblies,
  • Voluntary help with trips and in classes,
  • Helping with homework.


Children's Involvement

This is achieved at class level through being given jobs to help the teacher.

At school level each class has a representative on the School Council which meets monthly to discuss issues brought forward by the children themselves.

Playground Pals are appointed to help other children with play while outside at breaktime and lunch times.

Older children are trained in a technique known as "Paired Reading" in order to help younger children with their reading.

All children are given ownership, choice, responsibility and encouraged to use their initiative at class level.

This is achieved through involvement in planning Environmental Studies themes, being encouraged to give their opinion, helping staff with tasks around school, organising enterprise projects and fund raising.

Parents' Leaflets

The following series of leaflets has been produced by the Moray Council for parents' information. They are available from the school or the Moray Council Internet Site,

Central Support Services for Children with Special Needs
Provision for Pupils with Special Educational Needs
Educational Psychology Service
Record of Needs
Structure of Primary Classes
Deferred Entry to Primary School
S3 - S6
5-14 Curriculum
Higher Still
Placing Requests