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Anti Bullying

The pupils, parents and staff of Seafield School assert that it is the right of every child to attend school without fear of physical or verbal abuse, threats or intimidation.

The aims of this policy are to provide a guideline for all children, their parents and staff as to acceptable standards of behaviour and ways to achieve that, to provide a safe and happy environment for all children and to foster an attitude of consideration for others within the school community.

To achieve these aims it is vital that all concerned – children, parents and teachers accept their responsibility and acknowledge that bullying can not be defeated and standards of behaviour improved unless there is close co-operation and partnership between home and school.

Before going on to itemise the specific provisions of the policy that will achieve its aims I think it is vital that a definition of bullying is given. I would regard bullying as any form of violent or aggressive behaviour, either verbal or physical (and whether intentional or not) which could place another person in a state of fear, alarm, distress or worry.

The following measures will be adhered to in order to achieve the aims of the policy.