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Child Protection

School Child Protection Co-ordinator
This the Head Teacher, Miss Snodgrass. Any issues of child protection, care and welfare can be discussed with the class teacher or with the Head Teacher directly. Any concerns over these issues would be brought to the Head Teacher's attention by the class teacher.
The Moray Council is guided by the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee in Child Protection matters. The following statement applies to all Moray schools:

"It is the duty of the Moray Council and all its staff to ensure, as far as possible, that all children are protected from the danger of child abuse in all its forms:
Emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Neglect.
Where school staff have concerns about a pupil which suggests the possibility of abuse, then these concerns will be discussed with a member of the Social Work Department to determine what, if any, actions needs to be taken. Under these circumstances, parents will not normally be consulted first."