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Health and Safety

Illness or Accident during School Hours

Minor cuts or bruises will normally be dealt with by school staff, most of whom are trained in First Aid. There will be occasions, however, when medical help will be required.

If at all possible, parents will be contacted before the child is given medical attention.

There will be occasions too, when a child becomes ill in school and will require to be taken home or to an adult designated by the parent. To meet such eventualities the school

  • Maintains family records
    Parents are asked to notify the school immediately of any changes of telephone number so that it may be noted.
  • Issues "Emergency Address" slips to all families when they come to school and at the start of each session (for updating).
  • The "Emergency" address of an adult who will take charge of the child should the parents be unavailable for any reason is frequently used when children are sick, develop "flu" etc. Parents should explain the significance of the "Emergency" address to their children.
  • Requests that notification of any change of either parents' place of work and work telephone number be given in writing to the school office immediately.
  • Requests immediate notification of any health hazard which may develop, e.g. diabetes.
  • No insurance cover is held by the Council to provide automatic compensation to pupils in the event of a personal accident or death. It is your responsibility as a parent to insure your child for personal accident or death if you feel this is appropriate.

The Council does hold third party liability insurance which indemnifies the Council for claims from third parties (e.g. parents of pupils) who have suffered injuries, illness, loss or damage arising from the negligence of the Council or its employees. However, if there is no negligence, no claim would be accepted by the Council.

This information is brought to your attention at this time in order that you may take whatever action you feel appropriate. We are also particularly anxious to avoid the potentially distressing situation of parents only becoming aware of the insurance position after an accident has occurred, however remote this possibility.

Medicines in School

A copy of the "Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs in Schools including The Administration of Medicines" guidance document is available at the school. This guidance is followed by school and requires parents to fill out a form requesting the school to administer medicine.

Whilst school staff have a general duty regarding health and safety it is NHS Grampian who have the legal responsibility regarding medical treatment of pupils. Generally, however, in Moray schools there will be staff who, with appropriate training, will be able to administer essential medication.

In line with policy agreed by the Senior Clinical Medical Officer, schools will only administer medicines with the written approval of a medical practitioner. Painkillers such as aspirin and paracetamol fall into this category and will, therefore, not be administered on pupil request.