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Transport & Attendance

Most children live within walking distance of the school and as part of the transport plan children and parents are encouraged to walk to and from school.

However, all primary and secondary pupils who live more than 2 miles from their school will be provided with free transport to their local catchment school.

Door-to-door transport is not guaranteed.

In certain circumstances children may be required to walk up to 2 miles as appropriate.


The Education (Scotland) Act, 1980 requires parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly and clearly this is in the children's interest. If a child has to be absent from school for any reason, the school should be notified as early as possible by phone, and a note of explanation from the parent should be sent to school on the child's return.

The Education Committee has decreed that unexplained absences should be reported to the Inclusion Manager who will take appropriate actions to ensure statutory requirements are met.